Trainable by: Alchemist, Herbalist, Librarian
Difficulty of training: high
Better gain: with jewel
Used Materials: regs, empty bottles, empty kegs
Used Stats: Dexterity, Intelligence
Used Tools: Mortar and Pestle
Title of the skill: Alchemist
Delay: none

Alchemy is very usefull and profitable skill, which doesn’t require any other skills to work, thats why you can simple make a new char just with alchemy skill, or even train it on pvp char. For training Poisoning, Alchemy is very handly, let you train the skill a lot cheaper. If you think about Alchemist profession for serious, you should focus on empty kegs and regs. Kegs can be crafted by Carpentry and Tinkering. Regs are also easy to get, there is a few sources, buying them from a NCP vendor, buying them from other players or Harvesting them youself with Lumberjacking skill, Alchemy skill is also needed to turn raw regs into ready to use regs (every 10% of Alchemy let you make one regent from raw reg, so with 100% of Alchemy you make 10 regents from one raw reg, there is no bonus above GM Alchemy).

Name Skill Material Type
Agility 35 1 BM
Greater Agility 55.0 3 BM
Lesser Cure 20.0 1 Garlic
Cure 45.0 3 Garlic
Greater Cure 85.0 7 Garlic
Lesser Explosion 25.0 1 SA
Explosion 55.0 5 SA
Greater Explosion 85.0 10 SA
Lesser Heal 15.0 1 Ginseng
Heal 35.0 3 Ginseng
Greater Heal 75.0 7 Ginseng
Nightsight 10.0 1 SS
Lesser Poison 15.0 1 NS
Poison 35.0 2 NS
Greater Poison 75.0 4 NS
Deadly Poison 110.0 8 NS
Lethal Poison 125.0 16 NS
Refresh 15.0 1 BP
Strength 45.0 2 MR
Greater Strength 65.0 5 MR

How to train

Skill level What to do
0-33% Vendor buy
33-40% Poison (normal)
40-50% Cure (normal)
50-60% Greater agility
60-70% Greater Strength
70-80% Greater heal
80-90% Greater Explosion
90-100 Deadly poison