Rules and Code of Conduct

Last updated : Thursday September 12, 2022

Neverlands Heritage Rules

Account Related Rules:

  • You may have TWO (2) game accounts PER IP/HOUSE HOLD (1)
  • Each player is allowed THREE (3) houses across TWO (2) accounts. Any player with more than THREE (3) houses can have those houses deleted, whether full of items or not, without any warning.
  • Sharing accounts is NOT ALLOWED. Do not give your account information to any other player for any reason. Doing so will put all parties linked accounts at risk of banning.
  • DO NOT name your characters using connotations for racial slurs. Characters with a racially offensive name will be renamed. New names will be chosen by an admin.
  • DO NOT create multiple accounts to get the starting golds.

Housing Rules:

  • It is NOT ALLOWED to have houses blocking some points of interest.
    • Dungeons entrance: Houses must be 30 tiles away from a dungeon entrance. Everyone having a house within 30 tiles of a dungeon entrance will have to move it else the house is gonna be destroyed by staff.

Multi-Clienting Rules:

  • MULTI-CLIENTING in Player VS Player situations is forbidden. You may only have one character engaged in world Player Vs Player at any given time.
  • DO NOT use any of your accounts to monitor points of interest, such as dungeon entrances, to alert you or anyone else of the presence of another player.
  • DO NOT use both accounts to give any advantage to kill another player.
  • DO NOT use both accounts to give you any advantage to not being killed by another player. Ex: You can’t use your second account to detect hidden while mining or use a second character as a ghost somewhere in a dungeon to prevent you when someone come.
  • DO NOT use your second account to protect yourself while gaining wealth. Ex: You can’t have a second character hidden beside you to loot your stuff if you got killed.
  • It is NOT ALLOWED to participate in events with more than one account.
  • Using online services to bypass the two (2) accounts rule is strictly forbidden.

Player Naming Rules:

– Character names are unique and on a first-come/first-served basis.
DO NOT choose offensive, sexual and obscene character names.
DO NOT choose npc names, including animals and mobs name.
DO NOT choose any name involving a combination of words that produces an offensive result.
DO NOT choose any name that is an unintelligible combination of letters.
DO NOT name multiple characters with variations of a word such as “OMGgggGggGgGgg” and “OMGggGgGGg”.
– If possible, please capitalize the first letter of your name and don’t use fully capitalized name.

Please note that we cannot state every single character naming rules here. Should your character name be deemed inappropriate it will be changed.

General Gameplay Rules:

  • IT IS NOT ALLOWED to spar with invulnerable npcs, it will result in a lost of skills and stats.
  • Action may be taken against those who chronically create a negative atmosphere, and provide nothing positive to the community.
  • NO excessive griefing or trolling. This includes any and all trolling/propaganda type gameplay or community involvement. Griefing is defined as players who play Neverlands Heritage for their own enjoyment at the cost of others.
  • DO NOT make real life threats to anyone. At the end of the day this is just a game, HAVE FUN.
  • DO NOT make any unwelcomed accusations about anyone’s personal life.
  • DO NOT use impassable items to completely block or otherwise trap players or ghosts. Players must have a clear path out by some means. However, you MAY block that one open path with your characters, spells, or pets.
  • WE WILL NOT tolerate racism on Neverlands Heritage.
  • DO NOT consistently or excessively harass any players on Neverlands Heritage. Each excessive harassment situation will be handled on a case to case basis.
  • DO NOT attempt to hack, or virtually attack (DDOS) any other users or staff on Neverlands Heritage.
  • DO NOT use any third party program that IS NOT Orion or UOAssist. We do not tolerate any other programs what so ever.
  • PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK at the slot machines (gambling). Staff will not get involved if you think you should have won when you have lost.

Speed Hacking/Resyncing

  • Speed Hacking/Resyncing is NOT ALLOWED.
  • NO EXCUSES WILL BE ACCEPTED, whether you are involved in pvp/pvm or just moving from point A to point B. Or that you started doing it because others are doing it and they are not being punished. Everyone will be punished. Being a good friend of staff will not save you.
  • If you witness or have been the victim of a player speed hacking/resyncing, do not make any accusation directly on Discord, contact staff immediately and that player will be monitored and caught.
  • First offense will result in the character jailed for 30 days and the second offense will result to have the account banned.
  • The punishment will be even greater for repeat offenders. There will be no more warnings for repeat offenders.

Unattended Macroing:

Unattended macroing is allowed, however, there are some instances in which it is strictly prohibited.

  • IT IS NOT ALLOWED to steal other players AFK.
  • DO NOT use both account at the same time to gain wealth. Although it is allowed to use both accounts to gain XP.
  • Failure to comply to any of these rules can result in jail time and having all your resources removed.
  • The use of fully automated bots to purchase stuff from vendors IS NOT ALLOWED. The staff will force a logout if this happens and it doesn’t matter where you are. We received a lot of complaints about it and at this stage of the game, everyone need to be able to buy things without having bots sucking all the wanted items.

Staff Related Rules:

  • Neverlands Heritage Staff will never replace or give out items for any reason.
  • Neverlands Heritage staff will not reset your murder counts because suddenly you realized that being red is a disadvantaged.
  • Neverlands Heritage Staff will not place or replace housing for players under any circumstances.
  • Any Staff name calling or harassment is prohibited. Treat all staff members with respect.
  • Any pages that are an attack on the shard or staff can result in a jailing. This will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


Please note, that if you find a bug or see someone abusing a bug or part of the terms stated above and you chose to abuse it rather than reporting it, it will result in possible removal from the game permanently. Instead we offer kudoz for those who come forward with such bugs or bring us to light with those who may be using such things. If you find such a thing, we expect all players to do the right thing and come forward with it. Failure to do so could result in possible permanent removal from the game.

If you would like to report a rule being broken please contact staff in game or in Discord. Please provide proof in the form of screenshots or videos.

Simply put: If you play the game normally, you will be fine. If you abuse third party programs that are not condoned by the rules above, or use more than two (2) accounts, you are not abiding by our rules set here and we will take action on a per situation basis.

Discord and Community Guidelines:

Forums, in-game Chat and Discord Conduct:

The use of the Neverlands Heritage Discord channel is a privilege. That privilege could be taken if you abuse any of these rules!

  • DO NOT use the Neverlands Heritage channel to conduct/advertise any type of scam or trap.
  • DO NOT use Discord as your personal soapbox keep the drama in a private message.
  • DO NOT make up conspiracy theories/false accusations about the server, staff, or its players.
  • DO NOT use Discord channel to produce negative attitudes towards the server/staff/players. If you have an issue with the server please contact the staff.
  • DO NOT in any way threaten another player with real life threats.
  • DO NOT advertise any other server of any kind, this includes script websites and other discord servers.
  • DO NOT impersonate or imply that you are a staff member.
  • DO NOT spam the Neverlands Heritage Discord channels with images or words that don’t make sense.
  • DO NOT make any religious comments, whether you’re a believer or not, keep it to yourself. We’re here to have fun.
  • DO NOT use sexist, racist, anti-religious and homophobic language.
  • DO NOT use Buy/Sell/Trade posts to discuss anything other than buying, selling, or trading.
  • DO NOT use another account to deceive players in the buy/sell/trade in any way.
  • DO NOT ask the discord mods or staff for special favors, such as unbanning a friend or guildmate.
  • DO NOT use Neverlands Heritage Discord to protest actions taken against another player. EX: #FreeSoAndSo.
  • BREAKING ONE OR MORE OF THESE RULES may result in being temporarily or permanently banned from Neverlands Heritage Discord.
  • Players who have been banned from Neverlands Heritage Discord may receive in game punishment if they continuously make alternative Discord accounts to re-join the Neverlands Heritage channel.

Serious offences to these rules will result in in-game punishment.

Neverlands Heritage reserves the right to add, alter or otherwise change any and all of the terms at any given time without notification to anyone at that time. Over-all we expect all players to be respectful, mature, and have general common sense in all situations. Neverlands Heritage provides a free online gaming service to anyone in the world. With that, the staff at Neverlands Heritage has, does and will continue to put an enormous amount of time into the project as possible to ultimately give all players the ultimate, nostalgic gaming experience they miss. All we ask in return, is for you to abide by our rulesets.