Latest Updates

Patch: January 31, 2023

Small update on tmaster to help staff when hosting events. Domino tiles has been added to the moonlight event spawn. Changes has been made on some t-hunting guardians. The possibility to fish up a sea serpents has been greatly reduced.

Patch: January 24, 2023

The Stealable Artifacts system has been rewritten because it was bugged. All of the SAs you find in the library section of our website are now in-game. There are new ones so come take a look. Fixed a bug that…

Patch: January 14, 2023

Fixed the issue about potted stuff being stuck inside SOS chests. Contact the staff if you still find any. The timer between each Slayer quests has been removed. The timer if you cancel one has been decreased from 24 to…

Patch: January 10, 2023

Fixed an issue that prevented co-owners of a house from redeeding forges and anvils made before the November 7, 2022 update. The redeed command has now a new menu. Skill deeds are now stackable. All the new deeds obtained will…

Patch: December 28, 2022

Changelog 28-12-2022 The maximum amount for bank checks has now been increased from 1kk to 5kk. Bulk “Commodities” has been added. This means that you can turns a bulk amount of resources into a deed. The most common resources (iron,…

Patch: December 22, 2022

A new Christmas event has been created and will be activated from time to time until the New Year. This event works similarly to the Halloween event, which means you’ll have a chance to find Gift Boxes from monster loot.…

Patch: November 20, 2022

It’s now possible again to summon daemons and elementals (air/earth/fire/water). Pack horses/llamas are now buyable from stable master.

Patch: November 7, 2022

Small Castles are now buyable from all the architect. “Mork” color has been added to the credit’s colorations 2 (4 credits). It’s now possible to redeed fishtanks using the .redeed command. Fixed an issue that was preventing npc’s from healing…

Patch: October 27, 2022

The new vendor is in-game. You can find it east of Britain bank and another one north of Spepent’s Hold bank. You can only buy items with the pvm points you earned. Some new Halloween items has been added, you…

Patch: October 20, 2022

The new PVM Points System is now in-game. A major cleanup has been done in the npcs config. Which created the problem that all monsters became red. This problem will be fix in the next update. A new Crystal Ball…

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A Unique Ultima Online Shard

Neverlands Heritage is a POL based Renaissance-era Ultima Online shard based on the original Neverlands files with unique scripts and items.

Magic Jewels

Tinker magic jewels which give skill bonuses from +5 to +25

Magic Clothing

Tailor magic clothing which improves damage, regeneration and protection.

Magic Fish

Catch magic fish which give stat boosts, cure poison, regenerate health and instant hide your player.

Special Ores

Mine special ores and craft them into armour which give boosts to stats or skills.

Treasure Rares

Hunt bosses and dig up treasure chests to uncover 5 levels of collectable rares.

Increased Caps​

Stats are capped at 125 each or 300 total and the total skill cap is 1300.

Balanced PVP

Both Mage and Warrior builds are viable options in Player vs Player combat.


Crafters undertake Merchant Quests while PVMers join the Slayer Quest and daily monster hunts.

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