Latest Updates

Patch: August 26, 2022

Changelog 26-08-2022 House are not decaying anymore, this is disable for now. The issue that caused players to lose skills when logging out with armor made with dragon, darksilver, elven, rose and sun ores has been fixed. It’s now possible…

Patch: August 15, 2022

The formula for damage dealt by spells on someone standing in a house has been changed. It will now be harder to reach players in their homes. Some spells still need to be adjusted, they will be adjusted over time.…

Patch: August 10, 2022

An issue preventing you to medit after being cured without being poisoned has been fixed. If you still experiencing that kind of problem, contact staff. Your character’s title will no longer change automatically from now while using the carpentry skill.…

Patch: August 4, 2022

An issue with t-hunting that sometimes reported the chest as illegal when you moved before the chest was completely dug up has been fixed. The chances of fishing a sea serpent has been increased. The untrapping problem on dungeon chests…

Patch: July 28, 2022

Skill deeds are now 100% functional. There is a 12 hours delay between each use. An issue with the total skill cap has been fixed, it was possible to exceed the total cap of 1300. Be careful if some players…

Patch: July 26, 2022

Skill deeds has been added, you have a chances to get them from all monsters all over the map. However, they will be unusable in the short term as a problem with skill gains will need to be fixed first.…

Patch: July 23, 2022

The resource type issue when trying to make carpentry items has been fixed, you can again use any sort of wood. Some debug messages related to t-hunting has been removed, including the ones about guardians. An issue with detecting hidden…

Patch: July 21, 2022

The t-hunt system has been rewritten from scratch, let me know as soon as possible if you find any issues but the one related with missing loot shouldn’t happen again. Level 1 t-hunt gurdians has been updated with casters. I…

Patch: July 15, 2022

A tamer quest has been added but not doable until we spawn the questmaster and all the npcs to tame. When you want to kick someone from your house it is now instantly. House plan accept kyanite now. Stone, marble…

Patch: July 13, 2022

Changes has been made to lumberjacking skill. You can now only harvest wood type if it has a probability. It’s now based on your skill, like mining. Logs are now dropped on the floor when your backpack is full. You…

Patch: July 5, 2022

It’s not possible anymore to harvest regs from inside a house. When you make a large amount of bandages and you backpack is full, the bandages will now dropped on the ground instead of disappearing. Charges are back on carpentry…

Patch: June 29, 2022

Stamina regenation has been fixed, contact staff if you still experiencing slow stam recovery. Stealing and Snooping has been changed to obtain better gains. Making boards from colored logs has been fixed. The boards keep the good color and cancelling…

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A Unique Ultima Online Shard

Neverlands Heritage is a POL based Renaissance-era Ultima Online shard based on the original Neverlands files with unique scripts and items.

Magic Jewels

Tinker magic jewels which give skill bonuses from +5 to +25

Magic Clothing

Tailor magic clothing which improves damage, regeneration and protection.

Magic Fish

Catch magic fish which give stat boosts, cure poison, regenerate health and instant hide your player.

Special Ores

Mine special ores and craft them into armour which give boosts to stats or skills.

Treasure Rares

Hunt bosses and dig up treasure chests to uncover 5 levels of collectable rares.

Increased Caps​

Stats are capped at 125 each or 300 total and the total skill cap is 1300.

Balanced PVP

Both Mage and Warrior builds are viable options in Player vs Player combat.


Crafters undertake Merchant Quests while PVMers join the Slayer Quest and daily monster hunts.

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