Neverlands Heritage

A continuation of the Neverlands Ultima Online shard from 2001

A Unique Ultima Online Shard

Neverlands Heritage is a POL100 based Renaissance-era Ultima Online shard based on the original Neverlands files with unique scripts and items.

Magic Jewels

Tinker magic jewels which give skill bonuses from +5 to +25

Magic Clothing

Tailor magic clothing which improves damage, regeneration and protection.

Magic Fish

Catch magic fish which give stat boosts, cure poison, regenerate health and instant hide your player.

Special Ores

Mine special ores and craft them into armour which give boosts to stats or skills.

Treasure Rares

Hunt bosses and dig up treasure chests to uncover 5 levels of collectable rares.

Increased Caps​

Stats are capped at 125 each or 300 total and the total skill cap is 1000.

Balanced PVP

Both Mage and Warrior builds are viable options in Player vs Player combat.


Crafters undertake Merchant Quests while PVMers join the Slayer Quest and daily monster hunts.

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We have an active community in discord where you can contact staff, barter with players or ask for advice.

Latest Updates

Patch: June 29, 2022

Stamina regenation has been fixed, contact staff if you still experiencing slow stam recovery. Stealing and Snooping has been changed to obtain better gains. Making boards from colored logs has been fixed. The boards keep the good color and cancelling…

Patch: June 21, 2022

Skills cap has been increased to 1300. Stats bug has been fixed so no one should see their stats dropping to 1 from now. Fishing with 100 will give more level 1 maps now, it’s a slighlty boost tho. A…

Patch: June 17, 2022

Murder count length has been increased has follow : 16 hours is now needed to remove each short count. 32 hours is now needed to remove each long count. Fishing with 100 only give level 1 map from now.So 105…

Patch: June 13, 2022

This first official patch for Neverlands Heritage has been released. This patch includes important Following the results of the poll about the hunger system, it has been removed. Fishing has been tweaked a little bit to give a little more…

Relive the magic from 2001