How to Connect to Neverlands Heritage

1. Read our rules

Before playing please familiarise yourself with the rules and code of conduct for our shard.

2. Download Ultima Online Mondain’s Legacy

We only support client version 2.0.0. If you do not use this client you will most likely have an undesirable experience.

3. Download and install the client

Launch the setup of the client, you will also have the option to install UO Assist.

4. Download, install and run the custom Neverlands Heritage Updater

Neverlands requires custom files to play. To apply these files simply install the custom Neverlands Heritage updater. Make sure that you start the program as administrator and that you don’t have any instance of Mondain Legacy open.

5. Configure a UO Client

The server address is,5003.

For Orion users, ensure you set your client version to 2.0.0 with Blowfish (1.26 – 2.0.0) as encryption type.

6. Create your account

Once you have installed and connected to your client you need to create an account to login to Neverlands. 

Players are allowed 2 accounts. Username and password must be 4 characters or more.


7. Join discord

Please join our discord channel as it’s where you can find staff and players to help guide you.