Trainable by:Bowyer
Difficulty of training:high
Better gain:with jewel
Used Materials:Feathers, boards
Used Stats:Strength, Dexterity
Used Tools:Dagger
Title of the skill:Bowyer

Info to come. 

  • Double click Dagger and select Boards for bows and shafts (repeat on shafts for arrows)
  • Hide/feather spots updated at end of page. Current spawn rate : 1 per minute

Crafting list

(Icon) Item name Required skill Resources needed Other
Shaft 0 1 board
Arrow 0 1 board 1 feather
Crossbow bolt 0 1 board 1 feather
Bow 0 7 boards
Crossbow 20 7 boards
Heavy crossbow 55  15 boards
Blank scroll 0 1

How to train

Skill level What to do
0-33% Vendor train
33-100% Ask staff on Discord

Harpy Spot

North of Vesper has a area spawned with Harpies

Hind/horse Spot

North of Minoc has a area with horses and hinds.


Other good spots for getting hides:

  • Close to Minoc Moongate
  • Close to Yew Moongate
  • North of Vesper
  • Crossroads between Trinsic and Brit

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