Command Description
age Number of minutes played
backstab Backstab another player while in stealth mode
barter Use “barter on/off” to enable/disable. Then barter “text” to sell or buy stuff
c Chat with guild members
conline List number of guild players onlnie
email Change account email address
flip Flip furniture (only work for some items)
guard Use this command to guard criminals within guard zones. Delay 10? seconds
house Enter house menu
hunger See your hunger level. Currently not implemented
level See and enable/disable your char stats
msg Contact another player directly. Use “msg” to show list of everyone online or use “msg charName” to contact directly
online List number of players online
password Change account password
point Point an item, player or spot
quip Loads quip menu. Use “quip 1” to equip everything added to that quip
reply Reply to an incoming message
skill Lists skill and stat cap
setauto Automatic crafting/resource gathering
thief By catching a thief with this command he becomes a criminal and you may guard him
title Set title for your char
where Lists the coordinates of your position