House Management

You can access the House Menu by standing inside a house and typing the “.house” command. This will open the House Management gump.

  • Access House opens the House Gump (see below)
  • I Ban Thee allows you to ban a character from your house
  • Reveal Thyself will show any characters hidden in your house
  • Remove Thyself will remove your character from your house
    You can also remove yourself from any house by using the “.removeme” command and standing still for 5 seconds.

House Gump

The House Gump, accessed by clicking “Access House” allows you to see statistics of your house, manage friends, sub owners and banned people; and perform actions to lockdown and secure items, add trashcans, add friends/subowners/owners, ban people, change your house name, rekey or redeed your house.


To redeed your house you access the House Gump by using the “.house” command and clicking “Access House” and then going to the Options Menu. From here you click “Redeed”. You will be prompted to confirm if you want to redeed your house and if you do all items still inside your house will be destroyed.