Trainable by:Scribe, Librarian
Difficulty of training:High
Better gain:With jewel
Used MaterialsBlank scrolls, yellow and blue runes, arcane gems, spellbooks
Used Stats:Intelligence
Used Tools:Saw, Dovetail saw, Draw knife, Froe, Inshave, Scorp, Jointing plane, Moulding plane, Smoothing plane, Hammer 
Title of the skill:Scribe


Inscription give you the possibilty to scribe spell’s scrolls, runebooks, headbooks and house plans.

Spell scrolls are needed to fill spellbooks. It is possible to craft them from circle 1 to circle 8, although it is possible to buy the scrolls from circle 1 to circle 3 from any scribe npcs. Please note that empty spellbooks are not craftable and must be purchased from mage npcs.

Runebooks can only be crafted by players. There are two different types of runebook, the regular ones which are brown in color and the blue ones. The regular ones are not blessed, which mean they can be stolen or looted by other players when you die. They are use to hold up to 16 regular runes. The blue runebooks can also contain up to 16 runes but they can only hold runes from friendly houses, the blue ones. And the blue runebooks are blessed, which mean they cannot be stolen or looted by other players when you die.

Headbooks also can only be made by players. Headbooks are use to hold heads of players that you killed as a trophy.


(Icon)Item NameRequired SkillRequired ManaMaterials
 1st Circle Scrolls~20%61 Blank Scroll
 2nd Circle Scrolls~30%101 Blank Scroll
 3rd Circle Scrolls~40%131 Blank Scroll
 4th Circle Scrolls~50%161 Blank Scroll
 5th Circle Scrolls~60%201 Blank Scroll
 6th Circle Scrolls~70%231 Blank Scroll
 7th Circle Scrolls~80%261 Blank Scroll
 8th Circle Scrolls~90%301 Blank Scroll



All books except Runebooks are blessed

(Icon)Item NameRequired SkillRequired ManaMaterials
Brown runebook~70%None1 Brown rune
8 Blank Scrolls
1 Recall Scroll
1 Gate Scroll
Blue runebook~121%None1 Arcane Gem
1 Blue Rune
8 Blank Scrolls
1 Recall Scroll
1 Gate Scroll
 Headbook~80%None1 Player/NPC Head
8 Blank Scrolls

How to train

Skill level What to do
0-33% Vendor train
33-45% 3rd circle scrolls
45-55% 4th circle scrolls
55-65% 5th circle scrolls
65-75% 6th circle scrolls
75-85% 7th circle scrolls
85-100% 8th circle scrolls