Level 1 Rares

Guardians: Headless, Mongbat, Ratmen, Skeletor, Zombie
Amount of Guardians: 8-12
Required Cartography: 80%
Recommended Lockpicking: 30%
Recommended Provocation/Musicianship: 50%
Recommended Remove Trap: 30%
Chests trap damage: 35-55 hp
Golds in chest: ~ 1,500 gp
Gems in chest: 6
Other possible semi-rares in chest: Broken Rare (2)

Rare Description
Coin of Tossing
Available in two forms, black and white, single coin when used clicked is dropped on ground with nail or heads up. Coins of Tossing are stackable and at least 6 of them makes a hillock, the coins changes color when double clicked, stacked or not.
Crystal Ball of the Mystic Cursor
When used changes type of your mouse cursor, and prevent walking/running through somone.
Domino Tile
Simple decoration which changes color when you step on it, on black or white.
We’re using them to “record” presentation and detailed informations on them, when double clicked, an image of char who set up the Flyer appears, including all items you had on while seting up, plus additional informations you typed, Flyer is mostly used for malls, shops etc. To set up a flayer, Printing Press is required, a 4th Level rare.
Flaming Shroom
One-use magic shroom, which enables flamestrike effects on you, or after you if you are moving, working for a few seconds.
Floating Shroom
One-use magic shroom, the shroom floats you in the air for a few seconds.
Reverse Shroom
One-use magic shroom, force walking/running in different direction than your moving your cursor, also works for a few seconds.
Trippy Shroom
One-use magic shroom, the shroom when eaten teleports you in random locations on screen, this may look like a speedhack for other people, working for a few seconds.
Triple Triad Deck
Special looking book, for collecting Monster Cards, and playing a TTD game, the book isn’t blessed.