Level 2 Rares

Guardians:Earth Elemental, Gargoyle, Gazer,
Hell Hound, Orc Mage
Amount of Guardians:6-12
Required Cartography:85%
Recommended Lockpicking:40%
Recommended Provocation/Musicianship:60%
Recommended Remove Trap:40%
Chests trap damage:70-90 hp
Golds in chest:~ 2,000 gp
Gems in chest:11
Other possible semi-rares in chest:Broken Rare (2), Potted plants


Crystal Ball of Length of Murder

This ball when used, will tell you how long time left to decay Long/Short Counts, basically used by Player Killers. 4 Hours = 1 Short Count, 8 Hours = 1 Long Count.
Crystal Ball of Murder Counts
Red ball inform how many murder counts you have, you become red at 5 Short/Long counts, to get rid of murderer status you need to wait until 3 long and 4 short counts. This ball has been made to know when you can get ressed at normal healers, because if you get ressed at normal healer, or by a player with 4 and anything above long counts you will have a statloss, ~10% of all stats permanently dropped, there is only one place to get ressed without having a statloss while having 4+ long, which is Chaos Shrine (X=1949, Y=1387). Note that you can get statloss even being blue (if you have 4 long murdered counts).
Crystal Ball of PVM Ranking
Give you your own PVM stats.
Dart Knife
One-use magic shroom, force walking/running in different direction than your moving your cursor, also works for a few seconds.
Gloves of Bitchslapping
Use them other player to rorate him by 180 degres.
Gloves of Tagging
Available in two colors, black and white, to change the color you need to wear the gloves and use them on another player who also wears gloves of tagging.
Robe of Deception
Temporarily changes sex when worn.
Tile of Lighting
Anyone that walk over this tile gets a Lighting (without damages).