Level 4 Rares

Guardians: Blood Elemental, Daemon , Dread Spider, Elder Gazer, Liche Lord, Poison Elemental
Amount of Guardians: 6-14
Required Cartography: 95%
Recommended Lockpicking: 70%
Recommended Provocation/Musicianship: 100%
Recommended Remove Trap: 70%
Chests trap damage: 140-160 hp
Golds in chest: ~ 5,000 gp
Gems in chest: 31
Other possible semi-rares in chest: Broken Rare (3), Recipes, Vampire/Daemon bone parts, Flasks, Bowls with food, Potted Plants, Magic jewels

Rare Description
Crystal Ball of T-Maps
Very handy tool for T-Hunters, this ball is the only way to check level of a treasure map.
Easel and Canvas
Mainly used to paint a picture, you need Paints and Paintbrush for that, plus many Perfection Items around you while painting a picture, to get better quality of picture, and to do not fail. No matter if you fail or not both of these rares are one-time-use rares and will disappear when you’re done. Both, you or your target try to not move while painting the picture.
Paints and Paintbrush
Shoes of Dancing
When worn and double clicked, your character will make various evolutions such like dancing, stepping, jumping etc.
Pegasus Boots
When you wear them, silver horse will appear under you, equal to a real horse. These boots can be worn with any quip.
Ridding Boots
When you wear them, brown horse will appear under you. The same as Pegasus, just different color.
Printing Press
Used to recording presentation on Flyers (1st level rare).
Merchant Fame Ball
Double click to check amount of your merchant fame, you can get those from Merchant Quests.
Ranking Ball
Shows amount of your PVP ranking points.
Chair of Chromatism