Trainable by:Mage, Librarian
Difficulty of training:hard
Better gain:without jewel
Used Materials:Reagents
Used Stats:Intelligence
Used Tools:Spellbook
Title of the skill:Mage


Magery skill is the most usefull skill in the whole game, mainly used for casting spells such as: Recall, Gate Travel, Protection, Bless … (there are 64 Spells placed in 8 circles).

For casting spells you need a spellbook & scrolls, reagents and mana, mana is an energy which depends on your Intelligence (50 int = 50 mana) every circle takes different amount of mana (from 4 to 50), once you cast a spell and lose your mana, you can regenerate by using Meditation skill, without Meditation skill mana regen very slowly.

Scrolls can be found in Monster Loot or bought from Scribe NPC and all possible scrolls can be created by Inscription skill. Place a scroll inside Spellbook and it stays there permanently, you can cast unlimited amount of this spell now, but you need the reagents, you’ll find the reagents at NPC Mages, Alchemists or you can harvest them (see Lumberjacking skill)

To make your spells stronger you should have also Evaluating Intelligence skill. And the last part, Magery skill lets craft Magic Items, at least 80% of the Magery mixed with Tinkering lets craft randomly magic jewels and with Tailoring magic clothes.

Note: Having more Magery makes your spells stronger, same goes with Evaluating Intelligence.

How to train

Skill level What to do
0-33% Vendor Train
33-40% 3rd circle
40-55% 4th Circle
55-70% 5th Circle
70-85% 6th Circle
85-95% 7th Circle
95-100% 8th Circle