Trainable by: Blacksmith
Difficulty of training: Easy
Better gain: With jewel
Used Materials: None
Used Stats: Strength
Used Tools: Picking Axe, Shovel
Title of the skill: Miner
Delay: none


Name Required Skill AR full plate: Effects: Difficulty finding:
Iron 0% 32 None Easy
Bronze 15% 36 Decrease fire dmg up to 35% Hard
Copper 20% 43 Easy Hard
Onyx 25% 47 None Hard
Silimanite 45% 46 5+ all stats Easy
Quartz 60% 50 Adds bonus to Healing skill Medium
Topaz 80% 55 None Easy
Augite 85% 56 None Easy
Hematite 97% 57 None Medium
Dolerite 105% 58 Drains stam before Health
Obsidean 110% 59 Drains Mana before Health
Corundum 115% 60 Drans Mana before Health, replies some mele dmg back
Nexus 120% 61 Drans Stam before Health, replies some mele dmg back

How to train

Skill level What to do
0-33% Vendor buy
33-100% Mine until GM