Patch: April 15, 2023

  • The “tamed” pets speed has been greatly increased so they can now follow you even while riding on a horse.
  • The damages made by tamed pets against other untamed npcs has been increased.
  • Tamers are not penalized anymore when doing t-hunts level 1 and 2 with pets. You’ll get the same loot as everyone else.
  • Dexterity no longer affects the speed of your Veterinary skill. Vetting bandages take 2 seconds regardless of healer’s stats.
  • Fixed the bug where your rune would disappear from your corpse right after opening a gate to get resurrected.
  • The chances to fish up a sea serpent when failing has been decreased from 5% to 0,5%. And your chances are null to fish one if your skill is under 100.