Patch: August 10, 2022

  • An issue preventing you to medit after being cured without being poisoned has been fixed. If you still experiencing that kind of problem, contact staff.
  • Your character’s title will no longer change automatically from now while using the carpentry skill.
  • Explosion traps made by tinkers are now pretty effective and can make up to 100hp of damage. In the next update, the damage will be increase depending of the potion strength used to apply the trap. But be aware, if your traps kill someone, they can report you and your tinker will have murder counts.
  • Your alchemist will now stop making potion when you’ll run out of reagents.
  • Some of you already attended to it, but there’s a new fishing event that staff can host now.
  • It’s not possible anymore to wear guild clothes if you are not member of this guild. Clothes will be destroyed.
  • Your body will not decay anymore if you are in a friended house.
  • Fixed an issue with house keys where doors could not be opened after using the “rekey” command from the house menu.
  • An issue with the snooping skill that prevented seeing the full contents of a backpack has been fixed. If you experience this issue again, contact staff.

*** Attention ***
An issue with animals that allows players to trap them in their house has been fixed but not implemented. We just want to prepare the players that it’s coming. The reason behind this change is because it’s affecting spawns.