Patch: August 26, 2022

Changelog 26-08-2022

  • House are not decaying anymore, this is disable for now.
  • The issue that caused players to lose skills when logging out with armor made with dragon, darksilver, elven, rose and sun ores has been fixed.
  • It’s now possible to dye fireplaces by dying the deed.
  • Potion kegs are now changing color when you add potions to them. Those that are already filled will not have changed color, you will have to add potions to them to have their color changed.
  • A betting system has been added to bet on fights. It will be expand to other events over time.
  • The AR on bones armors has been increased to what it should be.
  • Some tmaster bugs has been fixed.
  • Some staff’s commands has been updated.
  • A fix has been made to the leaderboards to prevent errors.
  • The golden dragon has been added to the spawn.
  • Some spelling mistakes have been corrected.
  • Jewels now boost tracking distance significantly and it’s now possible to point to a dungeon if your skill is 120+ and target is in one. At 125 you get co-ords within a random error margin, maximum 50 tiles. Also the text command (.tracktarget) now works for players to check who their current target is.