Patch: August 4, 2022

  • An issue with t-hunting that sometimes reported the chest as illegal when you moved before the chest was completely dug up has been fixed.
  • The chances of fishing a sea serpent has been increased.
  • The untrapping problem on dungeon chests has been fixed. BE CAREFUL, all dungeon’s chests are now trapped and locked. A level 3 trap can do as much as 125hp of damage and you will have very little chance to survive a level 4 trap.
  • Fixed the “.autocount” command. You can now enable/disable the functionality.
  • A little change has been made on lockpicking and remove trap skills, your skill must be at a certain level to be able to unlock/untrap treasure chests or dungeon chests. Here is the requirement :

Level 1 = 30
Level 2 = 40
Level 3 = 55
Level 4 = 70
Level 5 = 90
Level 6 = 100

* * This applies both lockpicking and remove trap. But those requirements might be changed soon. I will keep you informed.*