Patch: December 28, 2022

Changelog 28-12-2022

  • The maximum amount for bank checks has now been increased from 1kk to 5kk.
  • Bulk “Commodities” has been added. This means that you can turns a bulk amount of resources into a deed. The most common resources (iron, boards, hides and more) can be turned into a deed. Blank commodity deeds can be purchased at any provisioner for 15gp each. For more infos you can consult the “Commodities” page on our website.
  • The issue where players could lose partial credits by turning them into full credits is now fixed. You don’t have to separate the partial credits anymore, you can now leave them in a stack.
  • Some Christmas items (Snowmans, Tapestries) has been added to the Christmas vendor. The Christmas vendor will be available until January 1.
  • Another batch of new items have been added. You must run the Neverlands Heritage Updater to get the latest files otherwise you won’t be able to see these items.