Patch: January 24, 2023

  • The Stealable Artifacts system has been rewritten because it was bugged. All of the SAs you find in the library section of our website are now in-game. There are new ones so come take a look.
  • Fixed a bug that prevent players to use clothing bless deed on some kinds of robe.
  • It’s now possible to bless boots, shoes and sandals.
  • A new dueling system has been implemented and will be available in the following hours. For the launch, pre-defined rules will be use, such as “provided quips” and “provided skills”. Spectators will also be allowed into the duel pits area. More details will follow…
  • Fixed the issue where players using the old client would see their client crash when clicking the help button.
  • Some staff commands/menus has been fixed.