Patch: July 13, 2022

  • Changes has been made to lumberjacking skill. You can now only harvest wood type if it has a probability. It’s now based on your skill, like mining.
  • Logs are now dropped on the floor when your backpack is full.
  • You can now cast gate in Minoc. The 2 sec delay still exists. Your gate must not lead to places where a player can’t come back by it’s own. That’s mean you can’t gate other players in a building where doors are locked and you can’t gate them on any islands, even if there’s a city on this island. There’s alot of places where you can gate them.
  • A little boost has been given to ItemId, Carpentry and Inscription.
  • Staff commands has been added and some has been improved/fixed.
  • You can now craft carpentry items from colored boards.
  • Taming has been adjusted to give more decent gains.

I’m sorry guys for the taming quest, it will be added in the next update. Chances are it will be tomorrow. (edited)