Patch: July 26, 2022

  • Skill deeds has been added, you have a chances to get them from all monsters all over the map. However, they will be unusable in the short term as a problem with skill gains will need to be fixed first.
  • Orc mages has been removed from level 1 t-map guardians.
  • Timers on the Slayer quest has been changed, you need to wait 24 hours between two quests. You’ll have to wait 48 hours if you don’t accept the proposed quest.
  • The hells angels in Hythloth are now provocable, 85 provocation is needed.
  • Fixed the issue when the key were not deleted when drydocking. Now the key is also deleted even if she is on a keyring.
  • Boards weight has been normalized.
  • Changed the way to determine how meditation is affected by what you wear. It is now easier to add/remove items from the list. Maybe you will notice minor change.
  • You can now fully meditate wearing a regular bones armor.
  • Quarter staves has also been added to the list of weapons which is possible to meditate.
  • It’s now possible to craft torches with carpentry.
  • Fixed the issue when stabling tamer quest pets.

2 new rules has been added :

  • The use of fully automated bots to purchase stuff from vendors will no longer be tolerated. The staff will force a logout if this happens and it doesn’t matter where you are. We received a lot of complaints about it and at this stage of the game, everyone need to be able to buy things without having bots sucking all the wanted items.
  • It’s not allowed anymore to have houses blocking some points of interest as dungeons entrance. Houses must now be 30 tiles away from a dungeon entrance. Everyone having a house within 30 tiles of a dungeon entrance will have to move it else the house is gonna be destroyed by staff.