Patch: July 28, 2022

  • Skill deeds are now 100% functional. There is a 12 hours delay between each use.
  • An issue with the total skill cap has been fixed, it was possible to exceed the total cap of 1300. Be careful if some players have already exceeded the cap, it is quite possible that you will lose points in one or more skills to bring you back under the cap. I strongly advise you to go to the forget stone to adjust your skills before the system do it for you.
  • Several containers now use the new system implemented previously. This allowed us to add an auto-count of the number of items contained in the containers.
  • With the addition at the system level of several containers, the problem with traping/untrapping on these containers has been fixed by themself.
  • A new command “.autocount” has been added. This command will show you the number of items contained in the container when you open it. This command is account-wide, you don’t have to activate for each character.
  • A fix has been made in the taming quest, pets will keep their color when you claim them up from the stable master.
  • The in-game “help” gump has been updated to change references to Neverlands Reborn and the website links have also been updated.
  • Player naming rules have been added, some of you will be contacted in the next few days to make the change. Only names that do not respect the rules will be changed.