Patch: June 12, 2023

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to lose their hair color when changing haircuts.
  • Strength/Life points as well as Magic Resistance have been slightly increased on the Armoured Horse.
  • Leeloo is now in-game and accessible for everyone without the need of a pass. She the strongest boss in-game at the moment so be careful and don’t try to kill her alone. Staff are not responsible for quips/items that you could lose. The entrance is at the same place in Shame level 4.
  • T-Hunting rares have been changed. Some useless ones have been removed while new ones have been added, like chests and balls of Chromatism to name a few. A complete list by level will be available later today.
  • Every chairs of Chromatism are now flipable with the use of the .flip command.
  • The following two level 6 guardians have been changed: the Arcane Daemon no longer teleports directly to players and the Crimson Dragon’s speed has been greatly reduced. Both of these changes should help players do level 6 t hunts.