Patch: November 7, 2022

  • Small Castles are now buyable from all the architect.
  • “Mork” color has been added to the credit’s colorations 2 (4 credits).
  • It’s now possible to redeed fishtanks using the .redeed command.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing npc’s from healing themselves.
  • Fixed an small issue with the pvm points system.
  • The new PVM Ranking Ball (Level 2 rare) is now giving you the real pvm ranking.
  • Removed the ability to teleport in lava at Fire Temple.
  • The spawn point system has had a makeover and additional options have also been added. You should no longer see empty dungeons after a reboot.
  • AI has been improved on “almost all” npcs, now it will no longer be possible to lure them away beyond a certain distance. The default value is 30 tiles but this setting can be override by staff for all the spawns. I said “almost all” because some npcs didn’t receive the update yet but they will in future updates.

What i’m currently working on:

  • Work on the Duel Arena to bring it up to date. Wins and losses will be counted and eventually there will be a ranking and rewards will be given to the leaders.
  • Lots of new items will be added, including Christmas ones.
  • A major facelift will also be given to tournament masters (tournament flames) to give players the good skill sets for every events.
  • Automation of certain events.
  • I will continue to work on the AI to improve it as much as possible, like giving npcs the ability to get around obstacles.