Patch: September 16, 2022

  • The problem of not being able to enter on a boat after breaking the plank is now fixed. Now, once you break it, the plank will stay in a broken state (red colored) and everyone will be able to enter without having to restart breaking it over and over again. The boat owner will have to drydock to reset the plank back to a normal state.
  • The distance to be able to break a boat plank has been increased to 12 tiles.
  • It’s not possible anymore to fish from a boat inside towns.
  • Decoded maps will now be dropped on the floor when your backpack is full. You will not lose maps anymore.
  • The chances of fishing normal fish and magic fish have been greatly reduced.
  • Using pets to kill guardians in t-hunts level 1 and 2 will negate your chances of getting broken rares and reduce your chances of getting rares.
  • We made a temporary fix on the problem that you lost your buff after reconnecting and not being able to buff anymore before the buff timers comes to end. You will still lose buffs after reconnecting but you will be able to buff again right away.