Patch: September 20, 2022

  • It’s not possible anymore to stable pets while they aren’t full health.
  • T-Hunt level 3 guardians have been changed back to what we were used to. (Ogre Lord, Dread Spider…)
  • A bug that allowed players to tame npcs who required 10 skill point over of their current skill has been fixed. This bug allowed players to tame npc which required 140. Please not that this behavior is still in place for npc that required 115 or less to allow players to train without problem.
  • Following the update described to the previous point, the Poison Wyrm taming requirement has been changed from 140 to 130. So it’s still possible to tame them with a godly taming jewel and an elven armor.
  • To be able to control a pet, taming and animal lore are taken in consideration. Tamers will need to have the required skill to do the following actions: ginving them commands, recalling and having them following in gates.
  • The efficiency of healing pets with spells has been greatly reduced.
  • It’s now possible to provoke npcs on the Assassins Bane.