Trainable by:Bard, Librarian
Difficulty of training:high
Better gain:with jewel
Used Materials:none
Used Stats:Dexterity, Intelligence
Used Tools:any instrument
Title of the skill:Bard
Delay:10 seconds 

Provocation is an awesome PVM skill, very handly on Treasure Hunting, but not only. Having a Musicianship is required to provoqe monsters. Chances of provocating monsters depends of both these skills. 115% of Provocation and Musicianship working perfectly with all levels of Treasure Monsters (100% chances), but for stonger monsters such as: Elder Wyrms, Black Wisp, Balron, Devilspawn you need a bit more of these skills.

How to train

Skill level What to do
0-33% Vendor buy
33-45% Horse
45-60% Brown/black bears
60-65% Grizzly bear
65-75% Ostards
75-85% Special llamas
85-95% Special horses
95-100% Mustangs