PVM Points System

This system allows you to earn points simply by killing monsters. The quantity of possible points per monster is determined according to his hit points, the more hit points the monster has, the more points you will collect.

The points are distributed according to the amount of damage you inflict to the monster, so no problem if you are pvming with friends and fighting the same monsters. Please note that the monster must die to earn your points.

For tamers, only a certain percentage of the damage done by your pets will be given to you, so it will pay off as a tamer to also attack monsters at the same time as your pets.

For the moment, you will not be awarded any points if you provoke monsters and/or animals between them, except if you provoke tamed pets. The reason is that for the moment it is impossible to know which player has provoked which animals/monsters. This ability may be added later but will require an update to the provocation skill.

Here you will find more information in question/answer format :

Q: How can I activate it to start earning points ?
A: You don’t have to do anything to activate it, the system is always active.

Q: What can I do with all the points earned ?
A: These points can be redeemed for special items that will be available from special vendors. Here are some examples of what you can get:

– Bearskin Rug (Brown)
– Bearskin Rug (White)
– Clothing Bless Deed
– Piano Deed
– Player Rename Deed
– Scroll of Forgiveness
– Special Hair Dye

These items are not in-game yet but will be available very soon :

– Bulk Resource Deed
– Resources Pack
– Resurrection Tile (Usable in houses only)
– Treasure Maps Storage

Q: Where can I find the vendors to get those special items ?
A: The vendor will be placed in a safe spot, probably in Nexus to begin with.

Q: How many points can I get if I kill a dragon alone ?
A: A dragon has 825 hit points and give 5.5 points.

Q: How many points can I get if I kill a dragon with a friend ?
A: Suppose you do exactly the same amount of damage, you will each be credited of 2.75 points.

Q: How many points can I get if I am a tamer and I use a pet to kill a dragon ?
A: There are 2 possible scenarios:
1. Suppose your pet does 50% damage and you do the remaining 50% with a bow or other weapon. You will earn 3.6 points.
2. Suppose you let your pet do 100% damage, you will earn 1.8 points.

Q: How many points can I get if I provoke two dragons together and let them kill each other ?
A: 0 points

Q: How many points can I get if I kill a boss alone ?
A: The maximum points a monster can give is 75, so you will earn a maximum of 75 points.

Q: Do I earn points by killing regular animals like birds, cows, horses… ?
A: No

Q: Do all my characters share the same points pool ?
A: No, points are stored at the character level, so if you pvm with 2 different characters, they will earn their own points separately. It may be possible in a near future to be able to transfer points to another player with the use of a special deed.