Tamer Quest

The renowned Animal Tamer at Moonglow Zoo would like your help to track down 25 rare animals and in return you will be given a rare reward.

To join the quest, double click the The Tamer Questmaster at the entrance to Moonglow Zoo and receive your Tamer book.

This book will keep track of the 25 tames and provide clues on where to find them.

Rare tames have a chance to spawn in place of regular tames. For example, a black sheep will spawn where you find sheep.

Once you have found and tamed a rare animal, you can give it to the Tamer Questmaster by returning to Moonglow Zoo and double clicking them.

Your rare tames are recorded in your tamer book so you can keep track of your progression.

When you submit your final rare tame you will be given a rare reward. There are three different types of reward given which are selected randomly.


Rare Tames List

Number Rare Animal Spawn from
1 Daisy Cow Cows
2 Black Sheep Sheep
3 Yogi Bear Brown Bears
4 Black Panther Panthers
5 RedWolf Dire Wolves
6 Fancy Rat Giant Rats
7 Alpaca Llamas
8 Bronco Horses
9 Brown Snake Snakes
10 Red Bull Bulls
11 Platinum Drake Drakes
12 Ostard  Garden Ostards
13 Mountain Gorilla Gorillas
14 Fruit Bat Mongbats
15 Golden Dragon Dragons
16 Billy Goat Goats
17 Muddy Pig Pigs
18 Tooth Walker Walrsuses
19 Cane Toad Giant Toads
20 jwilson Slimes
21 Marbled Scorpion Giant Scorpions
22 Red Back Spider Giant Spiders
23 Crocodile Alligators
24 Bloody Dingo Hell Hounds
25 Siberian Bear Polar Bears