Animal Taming

Trainable by:Stable Master, Librarian
Difficulty of training:Medium
Better gain:With Jewel
Used Materials:None
Used Stats:Strength, Intelligence
Used Tools:None
Title of the skill:Tamer
Delay:10 seconds 


With Animal Taming skill you can tame all kind of rideable pets, regular & special, animals and also some of beast, such as Dragons, Drakes, Dread Spiders, Hell Hounds… You can tame the pets just by having Animal Taming skill, but better solution is to also train Animal Lore, which makes your pets a bit stronger. Animal Lore skill is additional skill for Veterinary at general let you heal pets by using bandages, having more Animal Lore allow to heal more Hit points at once.

How to train

Skill levelWhat to tame
0-33%Vendor Train
33-40%Regular Horses
40-50%Brown Bears
50-70%Hinds, Great Hearts
75-80%Hell Hounds
80-100%Special Horses